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Welcome, I’m Glad You’re Here.

I’m guessing you made your way here after watching some of my youtube videos and you’re probably wondering what else I have to offer.

Well here’s the deal:

This website is the portal to my email-based newsletter where I keep in touch with people who are struggling with inner conflict and want to create a new, more loving relationship with themselves.

You’ve probably picked up by now that my message challenges our culture’s predominant conditioning — which I refer to as ‘the myth of perpetual bliss’ — the silent narrative which permeates our collective mind promising good things to those of us who figure out how to get our shit together, heal our past hurts, and control our shameful thoughts and feelings. 

The message is: if you’re not feeling good, up, healthy, energetic, fit, kind, loving, peaceful, and successful, then something is wrong and you need to do something about it.

But what if ‘feeling good’ is just one experience in the vastness of who and what you are?  What if ‘feeling bad’ — sad, hurt, disappointed, fearful, confused, anxious, angry, bored, and so on, is equally valid and purposeful?

And what if, you learned to open yourself, little by little, to all the thoughts & feelings that move through you… and you just let go of the awful pressure to feel happy, up, confident, and successful all the time?

What would happen?

Well, I can only speak from personal experience – my own inner experiences and what I witness in my relationships with others; but, from what I’ve seen (and felt) is when we meet our ‘unwanted’ thoughts & feelings with presence, warmth, and acceptance, something magical happens.  It’s as if, all of a sudden, everything is deeply okay and we can finally take a deep breath and relax into the flow of our life-stream.

But here’s the thing.

Seeing through the myth of perpetual bliss takes time when you’ve spent your entire life unconsciously buying into it.  That’s why I want to invite you to join my newsletter so I can keep in touch and surround you with a different message – one of inclusivity – so you can begin to see and deeply feel that everything you’ve always thought was ‘wrong’ with you is really just a rejected part of you longing for the warmth of your acceptance.

Sign up below to get started.  Immediately after registering as a new subscriber, you’ll gain access to a special video I put together to begin our journey together.


Jenn xox

Newsletter Signup:

No spam guarantee.