How To Find Inner Freedom & Authentic Joy

FREE Training Reveals How To Digest And RESOLVE The Negative Emotions & Limiting Beliefs Forming The Roots Of Your Inner Conflicts…

Who will be guiding me?

All Deep Healing Intensives and Free Trainings are personally led by me, Jenn Lawlor.

As a Certified Healing Practitioner with over 33 years of healing experience—personally and professionally —I know what works and what doesn’t.

My mission is to help you process and release your emotional and mental blocks so you can finally experience true authenticity, joy, and inner freedom.

Healing Discovery Session

Each month I open up a handful of slots in my calendar for complimentary Healing Discovery Calls with smart, sensitive women who are ready to heal and RESOLVE the roots of their inner conflicts.

If you’re serious about going deep and pulling out the roots keeping you from experiencing inner freedom and joy in the next 90 days, apply for a complimentary Healing Discovery Call today.

During the call, I will pinpoint the core emotional and mental blocks keeping you stuck in inner conflict.

The primary reason for these calls is to determine if there is a fit between your healing needs and my transformational program, Inner Freedom Accelerator™.  If you’re not able to invest – time and finances – into deeply transformative healing at this time, please do not apply for a call.

*Your answers are confidential.  Only I will see them. Xo, Jenn