Deep Healing Transformation™

Everything you need to release the suppressed emotions and limiting beliefs stealing your joy so you can experience inner freedom

(Space is limited. Let’s find out if we’re a good fit).


What is Deep Healing Transformation?

Deep Healing Transformation is a live 1-1 healing intensive that will help you resolve your emotional and mental blocks so you can experience inner freedom.

If you’re stuck on your healing journey, unsure of how to access and resolve your deep emotional wounds – please know that you’re not alone. Millions of smart, dedicated people are stuck on their healing journeys – trying everything they can to improve their lives, but nothing seems to go deep enough and provide true resolution.

In this intensive I will guide you step-by-step in finding, processing, and releasing the emotional and mental blocks forming the roots of your suffering — while rejecting the surface-level bandaid solutions most of the world is caught in.

(Space is limited. Let’s find out if we’re a good fit).

What's included in Deep Healing Transformation?

As a team, we’ll work together (via Zoom) to go directly to the roots of your inner conflicts and resolve them. I’ll use my decades of experience to help you find, gently process, and release the suppressed emotions and limiting beliefs at the core of your suffering.

Working 1-1 with me is a lot more somatic (body) and emotion focused than traditional talk therapy. We will spend time talking, but most of our time will be focused on guiding you inward to the CORE of your suffering so you can process and release your undigested emotional and mental blocks.

Here’s everything you’ll get:

Onboarding Deep Dive With Me (-Jenn)

(So we start things off right)

In Week 1 of the program, you and I will meet for a discovery session together. During the session, I will compassionately inquire into your suffering and identify the mental and emotional blocks feeding your pain. This will prepare you for a very powerful and targeted deep healing release (the following week) and inspire in you a new, more compassionate way to relate to your suffering.
Deep Healing Releases

(I personally guide you to process and release your mental and emotional blocks)

At the core of your 12-week deep healing intensive are five targeted release sessions. In each 2.5-hour session, I will guide you through a powerful, self-directed healing experience where you will confront, process, and release the core limiting beliefs and difficult emotions feeding your suffering.
Custom Healing Assignments

(I'm committed to your success)

Between healing sessions, we will strengthen the integration process by “watering” your new neural pathways. I will give you custom healing assignments that you can easily practice in order to enhance and continue the healing process initiated in your deep healing session(s).
5 Coaching Calls

(That's right, I stay connected to you))

During the weeks between your deep healing sessions, we will hop on Zoom and I will answer your questions, evaluate your progress, and help deepen and solidify the healing progress that you’ve made.
On-Demand Text & Voice Messaging Coaching

(Next level access so you're always supported)

Throughout the 12-week program, you will have VIP-level access to me via voice and text messaging via Whatsapp. Not only will you be able to ask me anything, but through repeated contact and conversation, your new neural patterns will get the repeated attention and nurturing they require to form a solid foundation for lasting change.
You'll Also Get:

Lifetime access to The Deepest Release Method online course which includes…

Is a Deep Healing Transformation right for me?

If you want to go deep and uproot the unprocessed “gunk” holding you back from living your best life, then YES, this program is for you!

My clients come with unique challenges—from social anxiety to crippling shame, newly divorced to freshly grieving. Whatever you’re struggling with, not only will we resolve it, you’ll also walk away with a brand new healing / self-care toolkit, whether you’re a total beginner OR you’ve been on a healing journey for a lifetime. (That’s right — you’ll resolve stuff you never thought was possible!)


If you’re burdened by unresolved emotional wounds, stuck repeating the same negative patterns, and struggling with self-doubt and low self-esteem, then Deep Healing Transformation will guide you through the healing process needed to achieve lasting emotional resolution.

Who will be guiding me?

All Deep Healing Intensives are personally led by me, Jenn Lawlor.

As a Certified Self-Directed Healing Practitioner with over 30 years of healing experience—personally and professionally —I know what works and what doesn’t.

My mission is to help you process and release your emotional and mental blocks so you can finally experience true authenticity, joy, and inner freedom.

How much does Deep Healing Transformation Cost? Are there payment plans?

The investment for Deep Healing Transformation is $5,000 USD. I also offer a payment plan (3 monthly payments of $1,900 USD).

(Space is limited. Let’s find out if we’re a good fit).